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When you sponsor a child you change a life and a whole family.  How? When a child knows that their sponsor cares and is praying, confidence and a sense of belonging starts to push fear out.  That child knows more joy, becomes healthier physically and emotionally.  When our teams visit, moms and dads tend to do a better job with the whole family. The family also hears about Jesus and is connected with a national church Indigenous Ministries partners with.

Sponsorship is $39/month and each child benefits from:

  • Nutritious food
  • Medical attention
  • Belonging and being cared for
  • The opportunity to hear the gospel
  • Loving care and encouragement especially with education
  • Connection with local staff who are regularly trained and encouraged


Change the future of a child.

Your sponsorship gives encouragement, hope, and education to your child. Through your support, the child’s  entire family receives the benefit and health of  food.

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sponsor a child

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Kids are anxiously waiting for a sponsor in:

The Middle East

Iraq: Be part of the solution of peace in the Middle East! Help one child, help bring change to the Middle East: Refugee kids by the millions have lost everything to war – home, friends and toys. Many do not have access to nutritious food. Without a uniform, backpack and school supplies, attending school is not possible. Indigenous Ministries helps these children in Iraq including Baghdad, Kurdistan and the Ninevah Plain. We’ve worked in Iraq since 2004 in partnership with churches and since 2014 have provided aid and relief to thousands. Now we are assisting Iraqis resettle in their communities. Focused and effective: our staff are also local refugees knowing firsthand what the needs are. MORE HERE

We help Syrian refugees fleeing the horrific aftermath of the Syrian civil war with stability, food, and access to school supplies.

Egypt: Helping widows in the poorest communities: The kids in our program are from single parent homes without a father. Widowhood plunges a family into poverty; a life that is incredibly difficult making raising a healthy family exceptionally challenging. Being sponsored in our program means these children belong to the team! Through regular visits from Indigenous Ministries teams, joining in fun group activities and school mentoring, these kids become healthier and respond to the love of God. Teens in our Egypt program are given access to vocational training to ensure they will have a skill and trade with which to make a living, or they can also choose to go on to study at the local university. MORE HERE

How else can I help my child?

Actually, there are several ways to encourage and engage with your child(ren)

Write to your child(ren): our staff will help your child write you; watch for beautiful art worthy of your refrigerator door

You can pray for your child(ren): your child’s profile helps you know how to pray for him or her. You also receive updates which help you with prayer points.

School: Provide $83/ea child for a backpack & school uniform by June so your child(ren) can attend school (optional) READ ABOUT KIDS RECEIVING UNIFORMS

Christmas: Provide an extra $10+ in October for a small Christmas gift and party for the children (optional)

Matthew lives outside of Mosul, Iraq, and was VERY excited to get his sponsor’s letter

John Cook, CEO

Sponsorship is only $39/month

This is what ONE trip to McDonalds costs for a family in the US we stretch to help feed a family in Iraq with food staples for TWO MONTHS!

Sponsor 2 kids for only $78/mo

Sponsor 5 kids for only $195/mo

Sponsor 10 children for only $390/month!

sponsor a child

We are a Christian nonprofit doing what we do quite simply because of the example Christ himself gave us. Sharing Biblical teaching, we give the opportunity for belief in Christ, but never “cram” or “force” anyone to change their minds. God’s truth is real and transforming. Hope, forgiveness and peace in a heart are powerful enough to change a life, family and communities. The ultimate end of war and conflict is, in fact, death.  If the contrast is life, where is that a life found?

Jesus said, The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10 ESV

Read our statement of faith here

What makes child sponsorship with Indigenous Ministries unique?

Since 1998, we have been helping children with love and aid and we’ve learned a thing or two about what sponsorships work best. But it’s our work with refugees in Iraq that especially distinguishes our ministry. Syrian and Iraqi refugee families have special needs our teams are able to meet because most are refugees themselves.

“Why is my child not receiving a school uniform and supplies?”  One parent asked this question recently of Fadi, a team member.  Unfortunately his son did not yet have a sponsor, even though his name has been on the waiting list for months. I truly wish we could help all these children!  There’s a very real chance he and many others won’t be able to attend school without a uniform and supplies.  It always strikes me deeply when we have to turn kids and parents away simply for the lack of money.   Money shouldn’t stop us from helping deserving children of a future!  – John Cook, CEO

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