Sponsor Meets His Sponsored Child in Iraq An IM First!

He walked to the gate looking up and down the street, and saw no one. He kept looking, his anticipation noticeable to the rest of us. But then Pastor Ken saw a little girl and her mother walk around the corner.  As the little girl walked into the gate, he bent down, asking if her name was Noor. She grinned and nodded. In that moment, something very special happened as Pastor Ken Ford told her who he was and that he and his family were her sponsors! Both she and her mother were very happy. We are too; he’s the first IM sponsor to meet his sponsored child, and he won’t be the last! 

For the next few minutes he spoke with Noor and her mother as one of our team members translated. He relayed that his family wished they could be there too.  After giving Noor a gift and a letter from his family, her mother spoke and shared how much she appreciated the help her family is receiving from him through the program, especially the food packets. They live in a refugee camp and are ministered to by our teams and Pastor Sabre.  Noor was quiet but smiled a lot, definitely happy to be the center of it all!  For the rest of the day, Pastor Ken’s feet were about six inches off the ground! That day a refugee family in Iraq and another in Michigan became closer because of a little girl! 

You don’t have to travel to Iraq like Pastor Ken, but if you’d like to explore that idea, contact our office. The best ways you can bless your sponsored child are to pray for and write him or her. 

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