Sponsor a Refugee Child in Iraq Today

We’re excited to have 125 Syrian and Iraqi refugee children in our program in Iraq. Of those children, 63 are sponsored. These children and their families are so grateful to be in the Refugee Child Sponsorship Program. This is a great, practical way to invest eternally into a child’s heart. Pray for our national team working with these kids.

Your support helps with food, a school uniform, backpack and help with school progress. Your help also brings the children together once a month for Bible lessons, games and songs. They hear the Gospel! Start your sponsorship today online at IndigenousMinistries.org, or call Sarah Rieger at our office at 719-302-3028.  God bless you.  Please do it today!

$ 39/month – sponsor 1 child

$ 78/month – sponsor 2 children

$117/month – sponsor 3 children

Unicef states that 14 million children are affected by the conflict in Syria and Iraq. What we can do, we must do!

Are you going to shoot me? These were the words of a young boy earlier this month in Syria, now dubbed the “ISIS Cub,” as a soldier from the Free Syrian Army aimed a gun at him. “Shoot him” said another soldier. It’s unknown what happened to the boy. Barely 11 or 12 years old, children in the Middle East, like this boy, are being recruited as child soldiers, and we know from firsthand accounts told us many times,  ISIS regularly showed toddlers and children beheadings and beatings to de-sensitize them.  Help us change a child’s future for good!



Grade: Not yet in school

Anjlena lives with her parents and sibling in a refugee camp in Northern Iraq. Anjlena’s older brother is also in our program. Anjlena is outgoing and loving and enjoys playing with dolls. She loves the color red and also likes dogs. Anjlena attends Sunday school and is a hard worker. Even though she is young, she understands everything in a class given at the refugee camp. When she grows up, Anjlena wants to be a teacher.



Grade: Primary Level 5

Karmin fled from ISIS with her family, and now lives in a refugee camp in Northern Iraq. Her older brother is also part of our program. Karmin is very sad, because she left everything when she fled from her village. Karmin is also playful and kind, and likes music and group games. Her favorite color is yellow, and she loves cats. In school, Karmin’s favorite subject is Arabic. She attends Sunday school and is a hard worker. When she grows up, Karmin wants to become a doctor.



Grade: Primary Level 2

Matyos lives with his parents in a refugee camp in Northern Iraq. He is aggressive because he has been traumatized by fleeing from ISIS and leaving everything behind. Matyos is also playful and cheerful, and loves playing soccer and group games. His favorite color is green, and he likes cats. Matyos’ favorite school subject is Arabic, and he does his work on time. He also attends Bible class. Matyos wants to be a doctor when he grows up.




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