SPONSORS URGENTLY NEEDEDSPONSORSHIPS – Over the past month, we’ve received your heart-warming responses to the request for more sponsors…six children have been sponsored. Thank you so much for the love, prayers and action.

We continue to ask for help as the need is enormous and urgent; we are asking for help to get 154 children sponsored immediately.  Would you help?  You can be guaranteed that you will help change the life of a boy or girl with your prayers and financial help of $39 a month. Your child and family will receive regular food – which is significant need right now.  To sponsor, simply visit our website, indigenousministries.org or call our office.

GIVING FOOD – Until the economic impact of COVID-19 lessens, as we’ve mentioned throughout this newsletter, food for refugees and others in great need in the Middle East is the most urgent physical need.  Your gift to the Rapid Response Fund in any amount is used to help families in desperate need. In May, $6624 was given and hundreds of family have received help.  We will continue to help as resources come in. Thank you!

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