Below, we share heart touching stories of four of our children as told by our Ministry Team in N. Iraq. Each of these kids are in our Child Sponsorship Program in Kurdistan. After a fruitful but also very challenging year for our front line workers, we ask for their perspective on the investment into these children’s lives, and to share a few stories in their own words…

Meet Rojih, he is from Syria. This is his photo when he entered our program. We took him and start working in his life. Little by little, he started coming to Sunday school meetings. After that he started to be one of our youth group kids – this amazing boy that God put in the program now knows Jesus and his life has really changed after the 12 discipleship lessons this past summer. Now we see a different power in this boy and he is even one of our teachers for the kids working with our staff! All of this is because he is in our Child Sponsorships Program here in Iraq and he feels loved, cared for and needed.

Meet Joell. She fled from Sryia to N. Iraq with her family after all that ISIS did to them. When she entered our program four years ago, she was very different in many ways. Along with her entire family, she was terrified. We took her in our program and we started a long journey with her. Now both she and her family know Jesus and we pray with her. Not only that, we discipled her this summer with 12 lessons, and she really knows Jesus. We trained her and made her a teacher for kids that are in the same situation as she was in. All of that is because of IM changing lives by her knowing our Lord of Lords, Jesus. We gave a chance for this girl after the devil tried to take her life from her, but Jesus gave it back!

Meet Marcell, he is 11 years old. This summer he joined with us in the program for 12 lessons for discipleship, and that was a journey that changed his Life. You see, Marcell he is a refugee from Qarqosh (near Mosul), in 2014 because of ISIS, his parents are now going through a divorce that effects his emotions, not only that, when he was coming to the lessons, we saw that he was a subject of domestic violence. In the middle of everything he was going through, we could see that he was very smart and he learned from the Bible. He memorized all the verses and in the end of the 12th lesson he said one day, “I want to be a pastor.” In the lesson when we ask if you want to pray with us to ask for the Holy Spirit to come to your heart he was the one that said I want the Holy Spirit come to my heart. So please continue pray for Marcell, he’s a boy with a dream; pray that God will work in his life more and he will become something very important in the world. Thank you!

Meet Yasin from Zakho. He is one of our new kids in the program from just a few months. In the Christmas program we gave (this December), he heard the Jesus story and he now knows Jesus’ name. If he was not in our program, maybe he would not know about him. Now he will know when he is big, but we can see that God is working in his heart because of what he heard.

All of this and many, many more things happen with the children in our program here in Iraq – God is working and he is doing miracles. Thank you for praying for these children and supporting them. We could not work with them if you were not in their lives and our lives. Shrukran ektir! (Thank you very much!)