Strategic Meetings Bring Deeper Relationships in N. Iraq

Iraq – This month I met with several key government and community officials including the Governor of Halabja District, government officials and an Imam. These meetings are key elements in building deeper relationships in the region. We are thankful to God for the opportunities God has put in front of us.

As a registered NGO (non-government organization) in the region, Indigenous Ministries is under constant scrutiny, as are all NGOs. We seek to build credibility with government officials who are working amid near to impossible situations helping refugees and IDPs (internally displaced persons). Indigenous Ministries teams work hard to build a consistent track record of helping refugees and IDPS in this challenged region not only survive but stabilize and successfully re-establish their lives.

Backpacks – As you may know, we finished our fundraiser for backpacks for children in this region and in Egypt in July. I was at three of five of our offices, traveling long distances with our teams to be present when the backpacks and school supplies were handed out to the children, and what a joy to be there! God is so good, as always! On page 3 you can see a few of those pictures. Thank you for praying and for giving generously to help change these lives! Praise God.

The parents and children in the two pictures below right are in one of our newest ministries in N. Iraq. It was the first time we had met – and what a very special evening that was. The response was overwhelming and the children were delighted to receive their backpacks! Praying “in Jesus’ name” in areas of the Middle East, and in this area is “interesting”… but when I closed the meeting with prayer, and said, “in Jesus’ name,” I heard several say “naam!” (“yes!” in Arabic). Pray with us for these families, would you? We have enrolled 10 children in our program in this village; Lord willing, many more will soon be enrolled once these are sponsored. Thank you for praying with us for this great nation, this region.

– John Cook, CEO