Sudan hit the international news scene on April 15 as fresh, violent clashes broke out forcing thousands out of their homes and villages. Many of these refugees are in Cairo; God has Indigenous Ministries in a position to help!

We’d like to share a bit of background on Sudan and its importance in the region, secondly, how Indigenous Ministries is working behind the scenes to help its refugees in Cairo. Then we’ll share two simple ways you can help these kids.

Sudan, also known as Nubia, is mentioned several times in the Bible as part of Kush. Kush may sound familiar, he was the oldest son of Ham and a grandson of Noah. According to Genesis 2:13, Sudan is very special as one of the regions that the river flowing out of the Garden of Eden encompassed, which is believed to be the Nile. Isaiah 18:1-7 refers to “the land of whirring wings” beyond the rivers of Cush (another name for Sudan), and Zephaniah 3:10 speaks of a time when the people from beyond the rivers of Cush will bring offerings to the Lord.

Acts 8:26-40 tells the story of the Ethiopian eunuch who was baptized by Philip; it is very likely that he was from the kingdom of Kush, which included parts of modern-day Sudan and Ethiopia. Sudan has a rich history dating back to biblical times. The kingdom of Kush was an influential power, and its legacy is still evident in Sudan today.

Pastor Isaac with one of our Sudanese widows and her two children in Cairo.

Egypt and Sudan share a long and complex history, shaped by linked geography, culture, and political developments. A number of Egyptian ruling pharaohs were from Sudan, and some theories suggest that the pharaoh during Moses’ time was also from Sudan, as he did not know Joseph. We also know that Moses’s wife, Zipporah was a Kushite. She was the daughter of Jethro, also known as Reuel, a priest of Midian. In Exodus, Moses fled to Midian after killing an Egyptian and there he met and married Zipporah. Together, they had two sons named Gershom and Eliezer.

Sudan is rich in natural resources, including gold, silver, iron, zinc, copper, chrome, uranium, oil, gypsum, mica, and other metals used in building. While Egypt has 118 pyramids, Sudan boasts 255.

Sudan has also experienced several bloody wars and tumultuous conflicts throughout its modern history. Sudan was part of Egypt until it gained independence in 1956. Then came the First Sudanese Civil War (1955-1972), the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983-2005), the Darfur Conflict (2003-present), and the South Sudan Conflict (2013-2018). The most recent conflict began on April 15, 2023 over power and resources, resulting in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people just within the last two weeks, meaning, more Sudanese refugees are pouring into Cairo. Much of the conflict is over religious tensions, and many Christians are facing intense persecution.

In response to the Sudanese refugee crisis, Indigenous Ministries began working among Sudanese refugees in Cairo in June 2022. Currently, the IM Child Sponsorship Program directly impacts and aids 40 Sudanese refugee children, with a goal of 100 Sudanese children by the end of this year. A team of three IM couples is working among the refugees, with one couple living near the Sudanese refugee camp and the other two set to relocate in August and November.

John Cook’s dream was to reach thousands of Sudanese with help and Hope in Christ! This vision is continuing and plans are coming together for a new ministry center for this purpose.

Now, here’s how you can help these kids and change their future: Actually it’s quite easy to do this! First, pray for these families, for food, health, and other urgent aid needed. Pray for our teams. Pray for more sponsors to take on these precious Sudanese refugee children.

Second, become a sponsor yourself! For $39 a month you can make a huge difference in these children’s lives!! We need enthusiastic, caring and praying sponsors. Will you be one? Pastor John Cook had a great desire to raise leaders and plant churches to help displaced Sudanese people. We’ve already seen God do his amazing transformation in the lives of the children since they joined the program! Click HERE to sponsor a child.

– Reda Khalil, Dee A. Cook, contributing authors