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GBC Celebrates Sept. 27 as a Day of Prayer – “You will…Pray to me, and I will Listen to You” Jer. 29:12

This report is from the GBC office:  India – Grace Bible College celebrated September 27 as a Day of Prayer with enthusiasm and in one accord. The students and faculty were involved in prayers for 24 hours. The day began with worship, singing, as Principal Pramod Tantarpale exhorted everyone from Nehemiah 1:1-11.  He brought the […]


          11 October, 2019. We had 60 people from different churches in the community. These youths and our students were given the opportunity to express their talents and gifts. All enthusiastically participated in various activities like singing song, playing music, dancing and we also played few games. Principal Pramod Tantarpale encouraged […]

Join Grace Bible College in a Day of Prayer September 27, 2019

Principal Pramod Tantarpale is asking the Indigenous Ministries Family in the US and our ministry teams around the world to join the GBC student body and faculty in a 24 hour period of prayer.  This organized event also includes local Christian leadership in an intensive, focused and Scripture based time of prayer.  Please post on […]

Join IM in India next February 2020 Ministry Trip

Grace Bible College Winter Teaching Module and Graduation, Women’s Conference, Vision Trip.  Pastors & Bible teachers, this time of teaching is a dynamic time to influence these young people.  15 days; $3950 Call the office for dates and details. 

GBC Alumni Blog

GBC Holds First Alumni Meet Last month 25+ GBC alumni came together for three days just before graduation to share with each other, the current students, US guests and the faculty and staff, updates in their lives and to share time in prayer and in the Word as a group.  Several came from as far […]

New Van Dedicated at Grace Bible College

It was a very special day when the brand new 13 passenger van, driven by IM CEO John Cook turned into the drive and through the gate of the GBC campus.  In a few minutes, it was off again, this time full of the boys of the school…next it was the girls’ turn…both time the […]

Beautiful International

Last month 120 women came together for a dynamic evening in Iraq.  As I entered the church, three bus loads of Syrian women had already arrived from a refugee camp and another bus was unloading. My translator whispered in my ear that 50 of the women were distraught because their families had been rejected for […]

GBC Student Sponsorships

But we have 15 students who are not sponsored. You can engage with a whole sponsorship of $100 or if $50 works better for you, that would also be helpful.  You can go on our website, noted on the left, or use the form below.  This month as GBC students return to classes, we would […]

GBC Christmas Program

Please enjoy these photos from the Grace Bible College Christmas Program on December 9th featuring singing, dancing, a play for the college and surrounding community. Several of the students sang Christmas carols in their own native dialect from different tribal areas. Thank you for your partnership that enables these students to attend GBC as they […]

Love is Our Standard

The freedom to vote this month brought to mind the many incredible opportunities we have in America, especially with the backdrop of the LACK of these freedoms in places Indigenous Ministries has a presence. From freedom to worship, to express religious opinions (even if on Facebook), to carrying a gun or a Bible, America is […]