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Grace Bible College, India

Next month in India marks a VERY significant milestone at Grace Bible College. Our first international student, James, from Myanmar, is graduating this year. He is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts of Theology and plans on returning to Myanmar where he will use his (incredible) musical skills in ministry. A second young scholar, John, […]


New students…returning students…nervous freshmen…busy faculty…overwhelmed staff…the smell of rice, dahl and chapatis cooking…all blend together in this, a brand new school year the Lord has allowed once again! This year we anticipate a student body of 55. For our prayer warriors, here are prayer requests as the school year gets underway: For the faculty and […]

Purpose of Grace Bible College

Purpose of Grace Bible College from John Cook on Vimeo.

Grace Bible College Library Update

Grace Bible College Library Update from John Cook on Vimeo.

Indian Gov Restricts Foreign Contributions; IM Blocked from Sending Funds to our Children’s Home

With growing restrictions on Christians in India, our ministry’s Children’s Home is no longer able to receive foreign funds. While not all child sponsoring entities in India have received this restriction, several well known international organizations such as Compassion International have. In a heart-breaking decision, Indigenous Ministries has notified our faithful child sponsors that we […]

Completing & Furnishing GBC’s Library Bldg

Grace Bible College is preparing for the start of the 2017-2018 school year the first week of July, and although the faculty, staff and student body are very excited, we’re concerned that the library and classroom building is not completed. We’re asking the Lord for the resources needed to wrap this up. GBC library fund […]

New Tiger Fence Protects Children & Students, Baffles Tigers

Thanks to the generous donations of our IM donors and quick action of our construction team, the campus is now completely enclosed by a fence, pictured on the right, and five new solar lights have been installed. We’re very grateful to the Lord and to each one who responded. As a result, this has brought […]

GBC Library Update

With Grace Bible College’s new school year starting in July, the need to complete the library building is pressing. The funds needed to complete the building with paint, roof, fans, lights and student desks: $25,200 In March, we asked for $22,000 for the building and the costs to ship the books from California over to […]

Children’s Home Update

In February we had the privilege of being with these kids in our Children’s Home. Our US team we brought with us (see March The Liaison) loved the warm welcome ceremony filled with joyful dances, songs, memory verse recitation and prayers.   A few days later, as the evening breezes gently blew over the campus, […]

Books Arrive on GBC Campus

Eight weeks after sailing from San Francisco on February 7, the library books have arrived on campus! We praise God for this victory a very special and hard won step forward. Thank you for your prayers; the in-clearing in India went well, and there were no hiccups at all – amazing! Once the library room […]