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Children’s Home Update

In February we had the privilege of being with these kids in our Children’s Home. Our US team we brought with us (see March The Liaison) loved the warm welcome ceremony filled with joyful dances, songs, memory verse recitation and prayers.   A few days later, as the evening breezes gently blew over the campus, […]

Books Arrive on GBC Campus

Eight weeks after sailing from San Francisco on February 7, the library books have arrived on campus! We praise God for this victory a very special and hard won step forward. Thank you for your prayers; the in-clearing in India went well, and there were no hiccups at all – amazing! Once the library room […]

Tiger Fence Project Funds Raised

Thank you to so many of our Indigenous Ministries Friends who responded to this urgent need! Last month we shared of a need for $6,000 to secure the property against several leopards and a tigress and her cubs seen right next to the campus in India. Five more solar lights are up now and a […]

Pushing Back the Night

In the ongoing efforts to bring a level of security to our children and students in India, from the leopard and tiger that has been sighted on the campus, and has taken dogs. We have launched what we are calling the Tiger Fencing Project. This is being done in two phases, the first is to […]

GBC Tiger Fence Project

Fence for property from John Cook on Vimeo.

GBC Graduates 20 Students

On February 26th, 20 young people were graduated from Grace Bible College in front of many friends, family and local churches and ministries who have, through the years, shown their support for GBC and the students. Ten graduates received a one-year Certificate of Theology, a foundation for a future in trades, business, nursing and teaching. Ten […]

Library and Classroom Building Nears Completion as Books Sail to India!

The brand new library and classroom building is almost completed! This beautiful building stands out as a wonderful, vibrant center to draw the students in for learning and studying. The faculty and students of Grace Bible College already love the spacious classrooms, and the library is bright and inviting, ready for shelves and books! The […]

GBC Winter Teaching Module

An easy-to-remember outline of Romans that actually makes sense? Spiders, bees, weather systems and dangling world globes? Energetic, practical insights on Christian living? Fresh insight on the Ten Commandments? Who wouldn’t sit spell bound through these lectures! Thanks to Dr. Craig Miller, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Cedarville, Ohio, Dr. Phil Bairrington, scientist with the […]

A Blessed Time with Beautiful in India

You’ve probably never seen so many colors in one room as when women in India get together! We were privileged to have Kathy Miller, Grace Baptist, Cedarville, Ohio, join our team of teachers last month in our women’s conferences. I also loved having Linda Iles once again on our teaching team. Sarah Rieger (IM staff) and her […]

Update on the GBC Library

Update on the GBC Library from John Cook on Vimeo.