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What is Happening in Iraq?

As Dee and I were with our staff heading to a refugee clothes distribution on the Ninevah Plain, Iraq earlier this month, tensions of the last several days were heavy in the air. Protests across the country were rampant. New Shia flags fluttered over village homes signaling that the unrest and revolution would soon come […]


“You’re growing so fast…we’ll need to make sure those sleeves are long enough to last all school year!” Those words could be said by any mother anywhere in the world holding school clothes up.  But as this refugee mom said them to her son in a refugee camp on September 27 in Kurdistan, Iraq, three […]

We Gave out Backpacks in Iraq From You!

The energy in the room equaled the noise level.  The kids had seen the backpacks as they were unloaded from the cart onto the floor, and excitedly they pointed to the ones they hoped they would get.  Our teams filed into the room and Mryana took the microphone and began talking to the children.  She […]

Two Brothers and Two Soccer Balls on the Ninevah Plain

Northern Iraq – The ball was the key to his happiness.  As we walked in the room, Aram was dressed in exceptionally fancy boots.  And his hair was newly coiffured.  He and his brother had just been to the barber and their heads reflected exceptional preparation for something special.  Turns out, their aunt was getting […]

School is around the corner! Backpacks still needed!

Countdown to school – September!  With $10,100 to go to help all our sponsored kids in Iraq and Egypt, and to be honest, we’re in a pinch! Would you give what you can to help us get these kids back in school?   Donate on our website today!  Suggested amount for one child: $83, includes […]

Rapid Response Fund’s Effectiveness

For the past two months IM teams in Colorado, Iraq and Egypt have been able to respond to needs due in part to our donors’ generous response to this campaign.  Thank you very, very much, to those who have given to this fund; $28,362 has come in to date, giving the ministry the ability to […]

Handicapped Refugee Young People are Being Helped

Imagine being handicapped from birth and then your life is flipped upside-down. You can’t see or walk and then ISIS soldiers burst into your home taking everything you have.  Rita struggles with a number of disabilities including blindness and being unable to walk unassisted. But Rita wanted to be in this program and she has […]

Rapid Response in the Middle East

Last month we shared with you the significant need to respond to the needs the Lord opens up to our ministry especially in the Middle East. Many have responded generously and to date, $19,000 has come in for the Rapid Response Fund. Thank you!  This is an exciting time as we see the Lord provide […]

Annual Backpack & School Supplies Campaign

We are in the middle of our very special annual fundraiser that provides backpacks, school supplies, uniform and socks and shoes for all the children in our sponsorship programs in Iraq, Egypt and the Philippines.  The total cost for each child (backpack fully supplied, school uniform, shoes and socks) is $83. Whether or not you […]

One Sponsor Letter + Refugee Kid = Beeeg Smile!

Thank you for the letters! Keep ‘em coming! These pics are from April 15 as our team handed out letters to the kids from their sponsor in a refugee camp in Erbil.  Three smiles and one who was shy…that’s okay too! Please email a letter today (bonus: it’s free) to your child via Star to: […]