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Nepal Relief Supplies Delivered

After four days negotiating with a number of officials at the India/Nepal border, the decision was made to let our truck loaded with relief and rebuilding supplies into Nepal. Slowly it made its way to Kathmandu. From there, it had to go through the police department and the miracle took place in which 100% of […]

Nepal Relief Update

Tonight, as you sleep, there is the sound of a powerful diesel motor echoing on the open plains of Northern India on the road, bringing vital supplies to Nepal. Just last night, the last of the supplies were loaded onto the lori (Indian Semi truck) carrying its load to Katmandu, then to push into the […]

Nepal Relief/Iraq Relief

The earthquake of April 25 in Nepal continues to unfold details of a trail of devastation affecting millions. The pictures taken by associates show just a sample of the heartache and long term needs we all are so concerned about. While the damage in Kathmandu is significant and staggering, Nepal’s government has requested that international […]

Nepal Relief Update, May 6, 2015

Nepal Relief Project – Message from Dr. John Cook

Nepal Relief

I know your heart has been moved as mine has, with what is taking place in Nepal after the 7.8 earthquake on Saturday, April 25.   I have been amazed at the catastrophic circumstances that are taken place globally. As ISIS has raised its ugly head, Christ has been working through you who have given […]