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The Missional Church (Part 2 of 2)

What is the Church to produce?  Chevy makes cars, Cross makes pens, Harley-Davidson makes motorcycles (thank you, Lord).  So the question then is, “what does the church produce?” The Church produces new Christ-followers who become disciples. If we’re not accomplishing this, we’re not doing our job. The beginning of the decline of the church in […]

Used Laptops Needed

There is a need for laptops four years and younger to be used in India in the library and offices of Grace Bible College and the Children’s Home. Please contact our office if you have one you’d like to donate. 

The Missional Church (Part 1 of 2)

Recently I had the privilege of sharing a meal with Stan Rieb, National Facilitator for CB America. We were discussing concerns over a municipality in Colorado which has denied church applications for building and expansion. I was struck with the fact that as I work overseas in Egypt, Iraq and Turkey, the very places where […]

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the children at the Awana West Coast Honors Camp who last month painted 700 beautiful memory verse tags for the children in our sponsorship programs in India and Egypt. The kids overseas will complete the crafts with washi tape this fall. The children took up a missions offering of $2100 for the […]

Used Laptops Needed

We are looking for donations of laptops four years old and younger that will be used in the library and offices of Grace Bible College and the Children’s Home.  Please contact our office if you  have one you’d like to donate.

The Shadow of the Cross

The symbol of Resurrection Sunday is the empty cross. When the cross is raised, it causes people to take sides. It’s a picture of the completed work of redemption that Jesus Christ accomplished on Calvary’s Mountain. Paul the Apostle made the statement in II Cor. 9:15, “Now thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift.” […]

Keeping the Lights On!

Many of you assisted us with our 2015 year-end giving. I want to say a very special thank you to each and everyone who partnered and helped us get closer to the goal of the $40,000 we needed to have retired. I am always amazed to see how the Lord provides for us through your […]

A Special Year End Thank You from Dr. John Cook

A Trust We Value

“I’ve been thinking about donating once again to Indigenous Ministries because I know you and the ministry, and I trust it,” a donor said to me this week; I was deeply touched. As I got off the phone, my mind ran back through the many years of ministry we’ve been engaged in world-wide, and yet […]

On the Edge of Our Seats in Anticipation

I cannot believe we are facing the beginning of Fall, and that in just a few short months this year will be complete. But! I am so pleased and excited about what the Lord has allowed us to accomplish together this year so far. Thank you for being in partnership with us in the Harvest! […]