“COVID has been very difficult for our family; being kept in the refugee camp is very difficult, but God has been good to us. We know he will bring us through and we trust him for our lives. Thank you for caring for our family and for helping us and sharing God’s Word with us.” – One of many families who have been in lock down for months in a refuge camp in Kurdistan, Iraq.

Family’s Testimony: “We are a family from Syria and have left everything behind and came to Iraq just to live. My daughter had eye cancer just after we came to Kurdistan and Indigenous Ministries helped with her medical expenses and her new glass eye. She is fine now thank God and enjoys being in the sponsorship program and the school supplies. Thank you for the food we receive; we know God is caring for us during these hard days. Because I can’t work we trust God for everything.”

“I miss being at church and hope the AWANA will begin soon! I miss the Bible stories and games. Thank you for helping me know God more and more.” A 10 year old girl who was attending AWANA each week before COVID hit Baghdad. Maryam, the team lead there, has been calling the children each week. The pastor continues to encourage the families weekly.

Husband’s wife left him: “My wife left me after ISIS came because I renounced Islam and became a Christian. But God is good. I have two sons, 11 and 16 and they know God too. My 16 year old son reads the Bible each night and has memorized many chapters in the Bible. He is also teaching other kids at school how to be a real Christian and know God. Thank you for helping with food and education, but you have helped us know God; thank you for this blessed hope.”

Several refugee families had been very sick with COVID and Fadi and I took bags of food and rice to some of these families; when we brought in the food supplies, we heard over and over, “we’ve had no food in the house, this is the only food in the house, thank you.” What a blessing to be able to minister on your behalf, and to help these precious ones.

– John Cook, CEO who was in Kurdistan, Iraq for most of September.

From a widow: “I have two daughters, and one wants to be pharmacist and one wants to be a doctor, and because you are helping them go to school, they have solid chance in their future. Thank you in the name of Jesus.”

From one of the boys in a refugee camp who is in our Sponsor a Child program…” Thank you for the food and for the backpack you give every year. You take care of us each year and I thank God for you!”

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