Transformed Lives

This is the goal of IM Southeast Asia; transformed lives physically, economically and spiritually.

Two parents stand out as models for the scavenger community. Esmeralda is a mother of six. Prior to the skills and entrepreneurship training programs she attended, she could only afford to buy an egg or two per day to feed her family. Now that she is a manager/hairstylist, she is able to give each of them an egg for breakfast. The children are better nourished and able to attend school regularly.

Esmerelda uses her new-found skills

Angel and his four children were abandoned by his wife. He accepted Christ and is now actively involved in church. He took part in the ministry’s Skills Development Training Program and, as a result, has a steady income as a hair stylist. Along with supporting his children, he occasionally has the ability to give money to a family, friend or neighbor in need because he knows, “I was once there with nothing to feed my family.”

Angel leads a Bible study in his community

To help more adults like Esmerelda and Angel learn new skills and lead productive and inspiring lives, click the Donate Button and select Southeast Asia in the drop-down menu.

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