Trauma Kits & Baby Blankets Shipped to Iraq

In January, we shipped six large boxes to Iraq. Inside the boxes were 288 plush animals (Sarah is holding two). We also shipped 187 baby blankets, knitted hats and scarves and hygiene items to be given out in refugee camps in Iraq. Thank you very much to our generous donors, busy knitters and seamstresses who made this possible!

John giving out the first animals with Scripture players in Iraq, July 2017

Question: What’s the goal with shipping these fuzzy animals all the way to the Middle East? Is this a good use of resources? Glad you asked! These 18” cuties each come with a solar powered player with the Bible and Bible stories loaded on them in Arabic and Kurmanji. Since these children often don’t have much to do in the camps, we’re capturing this time they and their families have to give them God’s Holy Word digitally. Please pray for these broken families, as they listen to the Bible over and over. We know God will do mighty things through His Word! Heartfelt thanks to MegaVoice ministry for a special partnership in this project. To send more animals with Scriptures, go online select “Refugee Child Trauma Care Kit.”

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