Family, faith and traditions make up the fabric of societies around the world. In times of blessing or in deep valleys of suffering, these three remain through generations.

In the Middle East family, faith and tradition swirl around each other creating a chain of strength and purpose, and this trinity is the bedrock of hundreds of people groups in this region. As our IMI national teams work with families in need, their personal knowledge of the culture, languages and traditions are one of the threads God is using to weave hearts together and draw them to himself. We’ve seen the hardest of hearts melt, as month after month, visits are made, food distributions are given and children receive school supplies beleaguered parents could not source. And for many, they have begun to trust in God because of faithfulness and love exemplified and in action. Sitting around hot steaming cups of chai, questions are asked about scriptures, as they begin to grow.

God is using nationals to reach nationals with the gospel. The two new areas of ministry (below) we are expanding into are rich in history, culture and heritage. What an opportunity God has laid out.

Many months of planning and behind the scenes work have brought us to a special place. We’re expanding IMI’s Child Sponsorship and Church Planting footprint in N. Iraq in two new areas:

NORTH IRAQ: We’re welcoming new children from an area near the Turkish border, including Yazidi children into our program. We have worked with Yazidis in N. Iraq since 2014 when ISIS was active in the area, and we are excited to be able to welcome 10 new families into IMI’s program beginning in March. Once these children are sponsored, we’ll open registration to more families. This is in partnership with a national pastor who has faithfully worked here as a church planter.

Would you like to be one of the first sponsors of Yazidi children? On our website click “DONATE,” in the dropdown select “Child Sponsorship.” Write in the memo you want a Yazidi child.

EASTERN IRAQ: We are also preparing to welcome children and their families from North Eastern Iraq, an area new to IMI, into our Child Sponsorship Program this summer. The people of this region were heavily targeted by Saddam Hussein with bombs, chemical attacks and napalm. With a 40% poverty rate, many children do not attend school for lack of notebooks and pencils. There are no Believers and there is no church here; IMI has been asked to plant a church.

In both areas, Indigenous Ministries has been sought after and asked to help families. We have official permissions and ask for your prayers and help as we move ahead.

Above, Yazidi boys play as CEO John Cook and IMI teams held a food and fuel distribution this month in a Yazidi community.
Girls were there too but we didn’t have good pictures of them.