Up and Running: New IM Ministry Center in Iraq

N. Iraq – So many of you have been praying for the Ministry Center since we took a step of faith to launch it in October. What a success it has already been, and it’s at 80% completion. Last month Dee and I were there for our food distribution to our families who expressed such joy and appreciation for a place for them to pray, to hear the Word and be mutually encouraged with each others’ faith. They were so pleased to be in the Center, and on that day, we were all thankful for the heaters and a place to be out of the cold. Previously, we often were outside.

Later this month, I will be back in Iraq for the March Middle East Theological College Module taught by Craig Miller and Pastor Ara Badalian from Baghdad. We’re very excited for this next session.

I’m also meeting with the fathers of our children and will have to divide our men into two groups to accommodate a BBQ – yes, we have a charcoal BBQ. Everyone is very much looking forward to that! The Center provides a special place to share the Word them in a secure setting, and a place to bring that sense of camaraderie that is so needed to support them through difficulties.

The Ministry Center has already been the location for leadership training for nine of our refugee young people – now student leaders for our growing youth group from the Child Sponsorships – see page 3 for more. The training is in serving, leading worship, and ministry.

Earlier this month, Awana Ministry in Iraq used our center for training sessions for our students led by our own Nora, whose husband is Pastor Ara, of our Baghdad partnering church. This is because you prayed and you gave. Praise God!

METC March Module:

New Testament Survey

Bible Interpretation

Instruction is in Arabic, from both native speakers and interpretation. Classes will be held in Indigenous Ministries’ Ministry Center, Kurdistan, for the first time this month.