Update – John & Dee Cook from the Middle East

Today John and I had the privilege of being back in a special medical clinic in the Middle East. In 2007 we were here just as they were opening it for the first time.

The clinic is a ministry of a local church, and for years the pastor and people ministered “behind the walls.” But last year they said “we have to take the bold step and minister to those outside of these walls.” This is a very resistant Muslim city and there are definite risks to this kind of work yet the Lord continues to use and bless this work.

The clinic opens each day at 3 pm giving free medical care and assistance primarily to Syrian and Iraqi refugees. It was a busy day with lots of women and even more beautiful children.

The staff volunteers their time and just before it opened today John led the staff in prayer. It was really special to be there as the waiting room filled up. Before the war, they saw up to 200 people per month. Now they see 120-140 each day.

The need is enormous and with limited resources they continue to keep their doors open.

Several years ago Indigenous Ministries shipped a donated ultrasound machine to this clinic which helped many women.

Beautiful International also sent funds earlier this year for the women’s center which is a new expansion of the clinic. We are praying for next steps of standing with them.

Thank you for your partnership which enables partnering with effective national ministries like this one.

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