Update on Grace Bible College, India

This month I have been in India on the GBC campus each day with the faculty, staff and students. It is a joy to share this update with you, and my heart is full of gratefulness first to the Lord, to my late husband, John and to you. His vision especially was to train the nationals to have the knowledge and ability to rightly divide the Bible and be able to accurately and effectively, minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to their own peoples. This ministry is strong and growing.

The 2023-24 school year began with a new addition; the MDiv, Masters of Divinity Program, and we are thrilled that nine students are enrolled in the MDiv program. We also have two new teaching staff.

Some of the challenges we face are pressure from the government anti-conversion laws which impact attendance. In some areas we previously welcomed students from, villagers who want to send their children for further Christian education face increasing pressures ranging from nosey questions to job loss, home evictions, and in some cases, death threats. In other areas, however, interest is strong and the need and demand for solid Bible colleges continues. We have a few campus projects which I’ll share more about in the next few months. There is also a need for purchasing guitars, keyboards and drums to begin a much-needed music program.

I have been speaking in chapel daily, spending time with the faculty, staff and students, and I am excited to see what God is at work doing here! Each month IMI sponsors as GBC hosts area wide Youth Meetings inviting local church youth groups to participate. These events are quite well attended with 200+ in attendance. I’m thrilled to see the growing impact GBC is having in the surrounding community for Christ.

GBC Principal Pramod Tantarpale and his wife, Grace, who have faithfully served since its founding in 2003.

GBC students studying in the library which holds a little over 20,000 volumes. Behind the guys is our three station computer lab.

The Dean of Students, Sanjay and his wife Amruta, the librarian. Both are GBC graduates and Amruta is currently enrolled in GBC’s new MDiv program.

Below, the two men on the far left, Suraj (who is getting married this month) and Abijeet, are both GBC alumni and are now teachers. Far right, Ashish is also a GBC alumni and one of our teachers.

We are blessed to have this wonderful team serving faithfully. Please keep them as well as our students in your prayers.

The faculty and staff of GBC. There are four who were not present for this photo.