Updates on Egypt Ministry

John meeting with Egyptian young people hungry for truth and hope for their future. Believers in Egypt continue to grow and mature in local churches.

Recently, CEO John Cook held a meeting with our Egyptian national staff to discuss the church plants and map out the next number of years in ministry together. Here are some highlights:

Church building is a GO: The government has given the nod that in six months permission to build will be granted for one of our team’s newest church plants. This is very welcome news, and the Believers can’t wait to see this new church building go up. Later this year, a second church will begin plans to build. Please pray for these projects.

The desire of Indigenous Ministries and IM Egypt team is to see 25 churches planted in the next 15 years to reach this nation for Christ.

We all see that time is short, the Lord Jesus will return soon, and there are many yet to come to salvation. Would you pray with us both in the comfort of your home or office for this direction? Also pray about joining us in September for a very unique Prayer Walk for these church plants and many other areas of ministry and life in Egypt. See page 1 for more on the Prayer Walk.

At the core of Indigenous Ministries is Reaching Nationals Through Nationals with the Gospel, and church planting is in the center of this mission. Your partnership with prayer and financial support is a vital part of church planting through our Global Church Planting Initiative.

Jesus said, “…I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matt. 16:18 ESV



Help plant a national church by supporting a national pastor and his family monthly. Our national pastors are trained, effective and passionate about reaching their OWN people for Christ! The cost to support a national pastor on average is 1/10th that of a Western missionary.

Go to IndigenousMinistries.org and select “Support a Pastor” on the righthand side.

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