As political events in the Middle East spiral into strange and terrifying new stratospheres, some things, thankfully do not change: every morning millions of children wake up, get dressed and eagerly anticipate going to their “safe and normal” classroom to learn and to see their friends.

Many, however, just stay in bed. Why? Their parents cannot afford a backpack and they cannot attend school without school supplies. WHAT A WASTE!

Education is a critical piece of current stability and future growth for families and the entire region.

Each year with your help, we provide thousands of backpacks filled with school supplies for children in our Child Sponsorship Program in Egypt and Iraq and many other children in the communities we minister in.

Will you please help these children stay school?

Our annual Backpack and School Supplies Fundraiser is a very special outreach sharing the gospel and impacting the lives of thousands of children!

Last year because of your generous donations, we were able to give ALL of the children in our Child Sponsorship Program a backpack filled with much-needed school supplies. Thank you!

Caleb, Mario, Sylvester, Mariam, Dier and Lidia

Last fall, Caleb and Lidia Magnuson and John and Nicole Cook, our precious children, helped pass out backpacks. It was heartwarming to see the children receive their backpacks as hearts melted on both sides! These couples were encouraged as they were also able to meet their sponsored children in Iraq and Egypt.

Once again we’re asking you to get your checkbooks or credit cards out and be extra generous this year.

The goal this year is $50,000 which will help many more children get in school and stay in school.

Refugees without education are at a much, much higher risk of alcohol and drug abuse, very young marriages, sex trafficking and recruitment by militias and terrorist organizations. Education helps children who are traumatized by war find more healthy daily routines and social interactions.

Donate online HERE or scan the QR code shown. Suggested amount for each backpack is $85. Won’t you consider giving one or more backpacks today? Thank you!

Nicole, John and Andraes