Dear Janet,

Blessings to you in the name of Christ our Lord… I have prayed for many, many, many years about the ability to reach into your country and support a child such as yourself through a Christian organization like this one. I pray that we get many years being able to talk with you and pray for you and your family…”

This is part of a letter written by a new sponsor, one of our own US veterans who served several tours in Iraq. He and his wife both serving in Iraq, walked the streets of Baghdad, Mosul and many other areas during the war and protected innocent. They had no idea that years later they and their six children would pray for and change the life of a child named Janet who lives where both of them and many others sacrificed so much.

This week his letter to Janet deeply touched my heart as our own son, John, served in Afghanistan for 2 1/2 years and was with me in Iraq last October with his wife, Nicole. He too felt a deep connection to these youth and their families. How thankful I am for our men and women who serve our country here in the US and overseas. If you want to sponsor a child in Iraq in the name of, or in memory of a serviceman or woman, we would be honored to introduce you to one who is waiting for a sponsor. Visit our website to see some of our unsponsored children or call our office.

Dee Cook