We Gave out Backpacks in Iraq From You!

The energy in the room equaled the noise level.  The kids had seen the backpacks as they were unloaded from the cart onto the floor, and excitedly they pointed to the ones they hoped they would get.  Our teams filed into the room and Mryana took the microphone and began talking to the children.  She was surrounded by a cloud of children all wanting hugs from her…clearly she’s loved!  It was so, so wonderful to see all the children again!!  

John (Cook) introduced Pastor John Davidson from Michigan and Jerry and Cathy Magnuson from California.  A few minutes later, Fadi began calling out the names of the children to come and get their backpack which was filled with school supplies.  The previous day, John, Jerry and Cathy had filled the 170 backpacks up with notebooks, pencils, erasers, pencil bags, etc.  This was just in one location. There were three other locations to go! We’re so grateful for their coming to Iraq to meet the children and for their vital help loading the backpacks and writing many letters to the children! 

The question was asked, “is school free here?”  Yes, public school is.  However, the requirements for a student to attend include school supplies, uniforms, transportation to and from school, and lunches. Most of the refugees can’t afford these “extras.”  Therein lies the path which you, our generous donors have stepped in to help. Thank you for helping give the gift of education to these children, and also the continued gift of spiritual growth week by week as our teams meet with them.  

All this wouldn’t be possible without our national ministry teams the Lord is blessing and using.  We are so privileged to work with amazing men and women in Iraq and Egypt, and we are deeply grateful to them for their faithfulness to the Lord and to the ministry and to these children. Please continue to lift them up in your prayers.  

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