What is the Difference Between Indigenous Ministries and Others Working With Refugees?

First, with PLENTY of refugees in dire need of help in the Middle East, we bless others who effectively help in the name of Jesus. In fact, for years, we have worked in productive partnerships with a number of wonderful ministries in four countries in the Middle East.  

Secondly, while we do give refugees aid for immediate needs (food, mattresses, stoves, clothing, etc.) we focus on sustainable help for refugees. That means we have dug in. As a registered Kurdistan NGO, or, non government organization, Indigenous Ministries is recognized as an authorized, credible work with refugees.  Our staff maintains meticulous records on each refugee child and the family, and we are accountable to the government each month. They check on all NGO activities to ensure that NGOs are helping refugees as promised, and not “using” refugees for false marketing in Europe and the United States.  

Organizations and individuals have splashed pictures of refugees across their social media space and websites and raised millions of dollars to help refugees; unfortunately, much of the funds do not reach the intended recipients. Other individuals and groups give money to help refugees for a period of time, but without government permission, a stable local presence and staff, help is short-lived and they soon move on, leaving refugees to fend again for themselves. This is not the kind of witness we want to leave. 

Indigenous Ministries’ office in Kurdistan is staffed by wonderful, dedicated staff, who are all refugees themselves, and know the needs of refugees on a firsthand basis.  They have actually been the co-designers of how we implement “help” and what that looks like in detail.  We depend on them to track the real needs so we can respond well. 

Another distinguishing factor for our work is that it is actually connected to the local church; our pastors in Egypt and Iraq are local and indigenous.  These are their people which they have a passion to reach with the gospel. 

This is our mission: reaching nationals through nationals with the redemptive message of the amazing love and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ.  We thank God for the privilege of ministering in His harvest for His glory.  Thank you for the prayers and support which make this possible.

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