What Makes Indigenous Ministries’ Role With Nationals Unique?

With a passion to see people drawn to the Lord Jesus Christ and then to live in a growing relationship with him, what are the unique contributing factors that are bringing this outcome through IM?

  1. Nationals are naturals at reaching their own peoples. There are many places that are almost impossible for the westerners to get into. The nationals are the perfect people to serve their own people, because they know the language, culture, traditions and know how to survive in very difficult situations. They also feel the pain and the problems better in their communities. For security reasons, nationals can go anywhere in their own country without being noticed and watched as a westerner.  The cost of supporting a national is approximately 10% of the cost of a western missionary.
  2. Building relationships and friendships. Because nationals are tribe and family oriented, building good relationships is easier and can open a great door to share the Good News and win them to God.
  3. Taking care of the children’s physical, spiritual, educational and emotional needs.  We minister with food bags, medical care, visits, school backpacks, Bible camps and youth meetings which God is using to transform the lives of the children.
  4. Targeting the whole family not only the child.  While the community around them shows hate, greed and war, we come alongside with love, care and giving and help them join the local church and in some cases, even provide for transportation from and to the church, The testimonies from the children and their families are amazed at how God answers their prayers. This really impacts and changes their lives to know that there are people far away who are caring, loving, praying and helping them even if they don’t know them personally.
  5. Helping the children to be a good citizens to change their own country.  Many nationals hate their community; IM is planting in them to be a blessing to their community and change themselves and others to help build their countries because they are the leaders of the future.
  6. Standing with Believers.  Through child sponsorships, Bible college training, Pastors’ conferences and Women’s ministry, IM is training, empowering, encouraging and showing Believers in the Middle East which are under persecution and serve in very and dangerous places, that they are not forsaken by their brothers and sisters in the West.
  7. The relationship between the local church. IM has built partnerships and coming alongside them not controlling and overseeing. IM respects their ways of worship, teaching, traditions and cultures, IM is working through the local churches and encouraging the families in our program to join the local church.
  8. IM respects the local authorities in these countries and works in the light with their permissions through our NGO’s, IM respects the laws and rules in each country.
  9. IM is helping the young people who are getting older and departing our programs with vocational training so they can provide for their families.  Some of these young people in Egypt are helping IM through visitations and encouraging the younger children in our program.
  10. After training at Grace Bible College in India, the students reach back into their own communities to reach their own people for Christ.   
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