Why I Sponsor a Refugee Child!

This is Melesya, the little girl I sponsor in Iraq

I have traveled overseas several times, ministering in destitute towns and villages. Every time I go to places like this, it makes me realize again how much I truly have. I don’t just have the basic necessities of life; I have much more. It would grieve me to see children with no shoes, and clothes so tattered and torn, they would hardly stay on their little bodies. Many of the adults and children I would meet had not eaten that day, or the day before. If they had eaten, it was usually just one very small meal a day. I saw so many that didn’t have the food they need, clean water, and other basic needs that we take for granted every day. I would always ask myself, “What can I do to help these precious people?” “How can I share just even a tiny fraction of the blessings God has given me?”

Over the years, I have heard many different presentations on child sponsorships. Being a teacher, I am drawn to children, but I had never pursued being a part of a vital partnership like this. When I started working at Indigenous Ministries almost a year ago, I learned first hand about children that have next to nothing. I saw videos that staff in our office have taken of children they have met in Iraq who lost everything when ISIS invaded their home. They fled with their lives and the clothes on their back. It has been hard to hear about the trauma these children have experienced.

It feels overwhelming sometimes, because the need in so many places around the world is so great. It’s easy to think that we could never make a difference. I realized, though, that I could make a difference in one child’s life. I could help make her life better in the midst of all the horrible things she has seen and experienced. I can make sure that she eats every day. I can make sure that she gets medical attention when she needs it. I can make sure that she can go to school and get an education. I can make sure that she hears about the love of Jesus.

Would you consider joining me in making a difference in the life of one child? One by one, if many of us take this step of sponsoring a child, the impact grows and grows, and together we can make a huge difference in the lives of many children and families. If you are like I was, hearing again about sponsoring a child, and feeling the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do something, I urge you to give our office a call at 719-302-3028, or visit our website at www.IndigenousMinistries.org where you can join our ministry in sponsoring a child who really needs your help. Not only will you be a huge blessing in the life of a child, but it might surprise you how much you will be blessed as well!

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