Winter Teaching Module

The students at GBC greatly enjoyed the special lecturers. First, Dr. Craig Miller, Director of Educational Development with IMI, taught the Doctrine of the Last Days, or, Eschatology, and he taught on Church Leadership. With 80% of GBC’s B.Th graduates going into full time ministry, both these classes were a great addition to their school year.

Dr. Phil Bairrington taught classes on science and focused on soil, water, the earth’s orbit and climate change. He has taught with us before on GBC’s campus and brings his special heart for the Lord and for science and sharing his knowledge with the students. Phil recently retired from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The students really enjoyed his enthusiasm and the special exhibits.

GBC graduation was on February 24; we’ll share photos of this event in next month’s newsletter. We’re so thankful for the 20 years of God’s blessings and provision with this ministry. We want to say a very special word of gratitude to our faithful prayer and financial partners the Lord uses to move this ministry forward.