Women, Men, Children and Goats Re-Build Their Community in Hope

A few weeks ago I was in Iraq and visited the English classes in Duhok, N. Iraq, that our Beautiful Int’l Women’s Ministry began in July. The women are thoroughly enjoying each class. Our local IM staff and I met with the Muktar (mayor) of the Yazidi camp and also met with two women who had been widowed by the Islamic State. Once again I was greatly moved by the willful and degenerate actions upon these people from Islam. We have been and will continue to help these and other women rebuild their lives.

As Muktar Ibrahim, Wesam and myself spoke together, we worked on a plan for this very broken community. In the weeks that followed, we raised $2,000 for micro business assistance for them, and just recently, the men went over into Syria and purchased the 40 sheep.

Friends, this small flock you see, right, with the men of the community, represents hope…and a chance for them to rebuild their community with a livelihood and a level of dignity as they work with what they know: livestock. They also know who provided this, and they understand this is given in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This gift will continue to build a bridge of relationship with this community. Please pray for this Yazidi community. As they slowly move back to Sinjar, they face massive destruction and chaos, but these sheep represent hope, love and concern.

The Muktar shared his deep appreciation for all that IM has done – and for you who are our ministry partners, that is a special word of thanks to you! Thank you for your partnership in sharing with these people and others. Our hope and aim is to have a long term relationship with this community of Yazidi people, vehemently hated by Muslims, yet dearly loved by the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord has granted us favor and we will continue to show them the Love of Christ.

Children – We are opening a Sunday school for the children taught by one of our IM staff who has been trained by Child Evangelism Fellowship. We will be sponsoring children in this community through our Iraq Child Sponsorships.

Women asking for Bible lessons – The week of August 21, the women in the English classes asked for more information about the Lord and wanted to know if one of our staff could begin Bible lessons with them each week. One woman said, “We heard Jesus is the Messiah but want to know more than that – would you tell us more?”

Many prayer requests are embedded here…thank you for taking the time to read this and pray for these needs! Thank you for generously giving to support this vital ministry.

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