Would You Pray With us?

Our goal together within this ministry through our national teams is to influence a people for the Lord who are in crisis and to bring a sense of comfort, community and a commitment to them. I’d like to share several points of future ministry in the Middle East, specifically, northern Iraq, and ask that you pray with us for these areas:

  1. A place for one of the church plants to meet. Currently this church is meeting in a rented facility also used by two other churches. The refugees live miles away from this facility making it especially challenging for them to attend regularly. We need a larger facility which is available to be used more often, and which is closer to where most of the refugees live.
  2. A refugee center for refugee families. A place that is within a short bus ride or walking distance for the refugees for the distribution of food and children’s supplies. This center will also provide a place for families to come and find the help and counseling; a much needed resource for those who are distressed.
  3. A learning center for refugee children. Many Syrian children in Northern Iraq have not attended school for 3-6 years. Reasons vary from security issues, a lack of records, a language barrier and for others, denial of immigration. The center will offer basic classes for reading, writing and grammar in English and Arabic as well as basic math classes. Qualified teachers are ready to teach and parents are obviously very eager to enroll their kids.

As we are looking to expand our ministry in Iraq, we are seeking a permanent location for for the decades ahead. This will accommodate the areas above and provide a place for several other ministry vision steps which we will share soon. I am asking that you pray with me and our board and with national our teams about these next steps in northern Iraq for IMI. We’re trusting the Lord for His direction. Thank you.

John W. Cook, CEO