Would You Prepare Your Family’s Dinner Tonight on This?

The cooking apparatus

Some stories warm my heart and break my heart at the same time; I’d like to share one of those with you. Maryam is the mother of four sweet girls, Neama, 10, Narmin, 9, Aintisar, 3 and Nevin, 5 months, who all recently fled the violence in Sudan and are now in Cairo scratching out a new life. The father has abandoned the family. Without the food she receives from Indigenous Ministries through our Cairo team, Maryam would not be able to feed her children because she has yet to find a job.

L-R, Aintisar, Nevin, Maryam, Narmin and Neama

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to our child sponsors. You are such an important part of helping families like Maryam’s and truly changing their lives. Last month on a visit, our team saw this cooking apparatus above and realized she had no stove. She and her children had been scrounging the streets daily for bits of wood and trash to make a fire hot enough to prepare food. Because of your love, prayers and donations, we helped provide a gas connection and gas cylinder full of cooking gas for her to use with her used stove (someone else donated the stove). Cylinder gas connections are really the most valuable part of this cooking trinity, as it enables the owner to buy gas. Although her children are already sponsored, we have a number of other needy children available for sponsorship.

Would you cook your family’s meals on this? Yes, if your kids’ lives depended on it. To view our unsponsored children, visit our website, Sponsor a Child. For $39/month you can absolutely change the life eternity of a child! – Dee