Year End Giving Challenge

Dr John and Dee Cook, CEO

Dr John and Dee Cook, CEO

This year is rapidly coming to a conclusion as we are just weeks away from Thanksgiving and less than 80 days ‘til Christmas. I find myself reflecting on all the Lord has allowed us to accomplish in 2016 as well as the work we are currently engaged in and I’m so very grateful.

Each month as we report what’s happening within the ministry world-wide, it is our goal that first, the Lord would be honored and secondly, that you would be well informed and prayerfully engage in the Harvest with us. 

Now I ask that you would be in prayer as we look at our 2016 Year End Giving Challenge.

This Fall, in our Year End campaign, we’re asking the Lord for $29,000 for the general fund and $36,000 to complete the library building in India.

First, our ministry general fund is in a $29,000 deficit and as you know, this fund is a critical component of our ability to “keep the lights on.” 

Secondly, we are in the middle of constructing the Grace Bible College library and classroom building in India. Many of you have generously given to this project and I am so very grateful to you. Thank you! Now I am asking for your help with $36,000 to complete this important building before the end of the year. 

Pray with me that both of these important needs will be met. If you haven’t before, join with the many who have made Indigenous Ministries their mission to work through, and we will do our best to first honor the Lord with all our efforts, and then honor your commitment as well.

Dr. William Carey’s motto always encourages my heart. Listen to his words once again… “Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God.”

As you donate to the 2016 Year End Campaign, please give prayerfully, please give generously. Donate online and note on your check “2016 Year End.”  Thank you.     

GBC Library & Classroom Building, India Funding Update

  $ 98,000 Needed 

  $ 62,000 Received

  $ 36,000 Still Needed

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