Dee and I would like to thank you for your prayers and financial partnership in 2020. The partnership of thousands have enabled us and IMI teams to continue to minister even in the middle of COVID. Thousands of refugees in Iraq receive aid…children are back in school…national churches are growing…widows in Egypt are able to take care of their families, students at Grace Bible College, India, are in the classroom preparing for ministry. We truly grateful to the Lord.

We invite you to join us in preparing for an amazing 2021! For you 2020 may have been a tough year…COVID may have touched your loved ones or you…it has touched our family too. People worldwide are suffering with the disease and the economic effects. But what is our hope in? God. He is still in control and we can trust in him for 2021.

An Iraqi pastor prepares for a church service. IMI partners with him and his wife to plant a church in one of the most challenging countries in the world.

Last month IMI’s annual Year End Greatest Need fundraiser launched with a goal of $145,000. Would you prayerfully consider this need? Every bit of it is directed at reaching nationals through nationals with the Gospel; here are some specifics:

* International workers and pastors: keeping our faithful overseas teams on track to receive all they deserve to earn as pastors, admin staff and translators. We also need to make up what is lacking in salaries. International conferences to reach, train and assist national, local pastors, church leaders who minister in very tough areas. Women’s conferences to impact and reach the heart of the home. Need: $42,500 (cont’d on page 2)

* Training young men and women in India and from Myanmar at Grace Bible College as they prepare for full time ministry and business. Much-needed campus projects at GBC. Meeting the rising cost of living in India reflected in the GBC budget. Need: $37,500

* General fund needs of $65,000 to cover general administrative expenses, i.e., banking fees, leases, supplies, printing, fundraising and salaries. This keeps the lights on enabling the ministry to continue on.

GBC students in one of the daily chapel sessions

Both 2019 and 2020 have been very challenging financially for IMI. After 2019’s challenges, as COVID hit this ministry, we have continued to stay the path. But we need help. We are asking the Lord that the platform He has given over the years in sharing the Gospel in difficult-access countries will continue to be used to minister for His glory.

Each of us has a choice how we move into 2021; we invite you to multiply yourself and resources to reach hearts with the Gospel and make a difference in the lives of refugees

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