As we enter the last days of IMI’s annual Year End Greatest Need fundraiser you, our generous donors have given a whopping $51,000 or, 35% of the $145,000 goal! Thank you!! But we can’t stop here; we are asking the Lord for the full amount to come in soon. How important is this amount? Massively! This vital fund will enable IMI to continue to reach more people with the gospel and give our international teams – our “tip of the spear” teams – have the tools they need to help change lives. Funding will allow us to help more children and provide more needy refugees with vital aid and access to the gospel. We will be able to continue training more men and women at Grace Bible College, India for full time ministry (note: See pages 3 & 4 for how GBC is reaching unreached people groups).

TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO DONATE IN 2020: Please don’t wait; donate with the most generous gift you can today. Donate using a credit card or your bank information at

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