John W. Cook, CEO

John W. Cook, CEO

If one of your deep, deep concerns and passions is for people hear the gospel and have the opportunity to receive eternal life, then I’d like to talk to you about this shared passion. Please read on!

I’m also going to share with you exactly how we’re preparing for 2022 asking the Lord for more souls. I’ll share how the Year End Greatest Need Fundraiser is a tool to accomplish this.

The need for people to hear gospel of Jesus Christ is epic. The effects of COVID is weighing down communities and the Church around the world with illnesses, deaths and severe economic impact. People are hurting, scared and traumatized in these challenging times. Without Christ, where is their hope?

I have never been more convinced of the value of reaching nationals through nationals with the gospel as I am today. And never before have the doors been more open for us after years of groundwork, networking and building relationships. We partner with nationals who face enormous challenges and persecution as they share the gospel in Islamic and Hindu cultures.

As we look at the closing of this year and all the challenges that we all have faced personally and as a ministry, God has been so good. So many have stood with us in prayers and gifts – we couldn’t have seen anything accomplished without you! Thank you! To God be the glory!

This year we’ve seen more people trust Christ through our teams; in the last two months alone, in one of our ME fields through the Child Sponsorship Program, 14 have trusted Christ as their Savior. Our staff is following up with discipleship. I am humbled to see God’s blessing in 2021. Now I’m asking God for an even more fruitful ministry year in 2022. More souls saved, more children and families healed, more pastors trained and encouraged. Would you step with me prayerfully into IMI’s exciting next steps?

2022:  Sharing the gospel effectively in the Middle East, India and the Philippines

Global Church Planting Initiative: In 2022, we will continue to stand with, support, train and encourage our frontline national pastors. The Church is at the heart of IM’s ministries and taking care of these faithful workers is a priority. In 2022, we will effectively train and encourage more national pastors. Craig Miller brings with him years of experience and training and I’m exited that he and Kathy are on staff and to see this vital area continue to expand.

Rapid Response Aid: Through local churches, we helped many in special need in 2021 with resources from our Rapid Response Fund. In 2022, we will continue to assist people in crisis in India, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, sharing the gospel in the process. Grace Bible College, India, became a place of refuge in 2021 for those in need due to COVID. I’m so thankful to our donors, who regularly give to the Rapid Response Fund to make outreaches possible.

God is using the Child Sponsorship Program: As I write, our pastors in Egypt and Iraq are visiting with families of our sponsored children regularly, encouraging them in the Lord, praying with them. The children are so thankful for the education they are receiving because of the backpacks given to them by our teams. Thank you, sponsors and donors! In 2022, we want to see more children added to our program and more families reached with the gospel.

One of the distributions in Eastern Iraq, a new area of ministry for IM, was very special last month. It was held at the governor’s office. Immediately after the children received their backpacks and school supplies, they went straight to school for the first time this year, as they had the supplies enabling them to enter their classrooms! In 2022, our teams will be more involved in this needy area of Iraq.

Children are receiving help for their future: We’re helping young people who are aging out of our Child Sponsorship Program. Those who are aging out are eligible to receive vocational training, English courses and college aid preparing them for their future. It is very unusual for a child of a Christian widow to be able to make this transition successfully in Egypt’s society. Several of these young people have already begun to tithe back to the program and volunteer their time helping the other families. What a full circle! In 2022, we will continue to help more children move closer towards the future God has prepared for them! As the children in our Iraq program begin to age out, we will impact their future.

Next month I’ll share more about where IMI is going in 2022. But now I am asking for your help. Would you give a gift of $25, $100, $250 or $1000 whatever amount the Lord is laying on your heart? Some are able to give $10, others $10,000; give as you feel led as a great help to further God’s Kingdom, making it possible for more to hear the gospel in difficult-access regions. Please join me and give as generously a gift as you can to the Year End Greatest Need Fund!

To donate, please fill out the form on page four and mail it with your check in the enclosed envelope, or go online at Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you.


John W. Cook, CEO