Yousif is a refugee living on the Nineveh Plain near Mosul and is in IMI’s Child Sponsorship Program. His family have been traditional Christians since the first century…through the experience of losing everything to ISIS, they have come to faith in Christ. As his family and thousands of other refugee families struggle to restart their lives, their children’s education is vital to securing a future. A backpack containing school supplies and a uniform can make the difference between a child’s ability to attend classes or not. Your generous donations will make it possible for many children to attend school next month in Iraq and Egypt.

Because of your compassion and gifts, many children in the Middle East will be able to go to school! As of August 15, $34,066 has been raised! The goal was $30,000, and we are excited that you helped us not only reach this goal but to blast past it! This means we will be able to to help even more children than before! Praise God!

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EACH AND EVERYONE who has given to this worthy cause! Many families, individuals, churches and businesses gave to this fund and many children in Awana, Sunday school and VBS worked hard to raise money for kids in the Middle East. On behalf of the children, their parents and our local teams, thank you very much! Look for this annual fundraiser to re-open in March 2022.

What does this mean? It means that each one of the children IMI’s Child Sponsorship Program will be in school this fall as they receive the following:
A new backpack filled with…

– School supplies the child needs to receive his or her education this 2021-22 year
– A new school uniform