Young Refugee from Mosul Seeks Jesus

As I was finished speaking last Sunday evening, a young woman, dressed completely in black (obviously a Muslim) entered the church as people were beginning to say their goodbyes. The main Sunday service is on Sunday Night here in Iraq as it is the first day of the work week.

She started to ask questions and people called the pastor’s wife to come and speak with her. I could hear that she was asking for a Bible. I later found out that she was also saying that she wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ. She kept saying, “I want to know about Jesus.”

They got her a Bible and also the “Story of Jesus” on audio player and she was so happy; she actually didn’t want to leave. Then on Tuesday night when the Church holds its Discipleship Bible Study and Prayer Meeting, she showed back up and sat listening to the words of the Pastor as they were working through a course called “Discovering Who Jesus Is.”

This is one of our pastors that we support through our “Global Church Planting Initiative.” I could not help but be thankful for a couple who have committed themselves first to the Lord and then to their country of their birth, Iraq.

All of this is taking place as the battle for Mosul is raging not 60 miles away, which is where this young Muslim woman is from. Every 30 or 40 minutes, two to three helicopters from the US base fly overhead on their way to and from the battlefield, yet in the midst of all this crisis, God is at work reaching those responding to His call.

Again, I would ask, how does a pastor serve or even be supported in a war torn country? For those who are participating in the Global Church Planting Initiative, I want you to know that since we have taken this pastor and his wife on, I have seen them as a couple settled in their hearts and a renewed peace has come over them knowing they have support and security. The Lord and you through IM are their security. Because you help sponsor a pastor, this Muslim woman has a fellow Iraqi who will share with her the way of Christ, the way of forgiveness, and the way of redemption. Pray for her, won’t you?

We have many pastors waiting in the Middle East, India and South Asia to be part of our Global Church Planting Initiative program. If you would be willing, help us with your commitment to Global Church Planting Initiative at $100 or $50 monthly so that we can support them and give them a platform of reaching their own people with the Gospel.

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