Youth Training

Restoring Lives, Building Influencers, Building Churches; This is what we want for our Child Sponsorship Program and Church planting. On the right, you’re looking at some of the fruit of Child Sponsorships! These are nine of our young people who’ve grown up in our Child Sponsorship program and have grown into tremendous young people. Because of your prayers and support with your monthly giving, you have invested into the lives of young people the needed your touch from the Lord.

A post-war zone presents unique challenges with youth who have an odd view of the world with access to the internet, are partially educated (many quit school after 6th, 9th or 10th grade without encouragement and school supplies), but most lack education and training for a real chance at a future. These youth want purpose, and are eager to learn. Most of our boys have been approached multiple times by militant groups offering many “goodies.” That’s one of the ways our Ministry Center can help, giving us more opportunities to engage these amazing kids.

Discipleship and leadership training brings purpose and formations to future leaders. Our IM team is working to prepare these new leaders to teach the 9 week Summer 2023 Ministry starting in June to children in the Sponsorship Program – and they’re excited! Your monthly investment into the lives of these precious children is bearing fruit, and as the scripture says, “Fruit that will last.” Thank you.